Uniformed Security

Citadel Private Security

Uniformed Security Services

Uniformed Security Guards work hard to deter any crime, theft, and trespassers. Threats continue to endanger area businesses at an alarming rate. At Citadel we can deter these threats and deliver results. We understand that being visible and providing great customer service delivers results. We are observant, accountable and attentive to our duties.

Experience Matters:

Our team of experienced former law enforcement first-responders, private security professionals, and military veterans are skilled in the best-practice approaches required to reduce our client risks, loss and damages. 

Security guard services are an essential aspect of maintaining safety and security in various settings. Having unarmed security guards present can act as a deterrent to potential criminals or troublemakers. Their visible presence serves as a reminder that the area is being monitored and that any illegal activities will not be tolerated.

Security guards are trained professionals who are skilled in customer service, communication, and de-escalation techniques. They are able to interact with the public in a professional and courteous manner, helping to create a positive image for the company.

Security guards are trained to observe their surroundings and report any suspicious activities or individuals. They can also provide detailed incident reports, which can be used to investigate any security breaches or to improve overall security measures. Guards can also help to prevent losses due to theft, vandalism, or shoplifting. They can monitor the premises for any suspicious activities and respond quickly to any incidents.

In conclusion, security guard services are an important aspect of maintaining safety and security in a wide range of settings. They act as a deterrent, are professionals in their job, can observe and report, prevent losses, and respond to emergencies. They are a great solution for companies who need to ensure safety and security for their property and customers.